Masterpack/E360 is a full-featured, integrated business system for distributors and manufacturers. The product has been existence since the early 1990's and has been continually updated to refect changing business needs since then. Masterpack/E360 is running in a number of companies across the globe, including some locally known companies such as Masonite and Airbus.

The Masterpack/E360 system was designed specifically to deal with distribution companies that have complex sales, inventory management and pricing requirements. Masterpack/E360 is extremely powerful and feature rich, catering for multi company, multi warehouse, and multi currency processing out of the box. The software is supplied with source code so it can be readily modified to meet changing business needs or client requirements. The strength of the software is in it's flexibility and ease of use.

Masterpack/E360 runs on Windows, Linux or Unix. See below for a listing of modules and an overview of functionality.




Order Entry
Kits and Specials
Pricing Methods
Sales Analysis
Inventory Management
Returns Authorisation
Buyers Workbench
Customer Relationship Management

Accounts Payable
Cash Management
Accounts Receivable
Assets Management
General Ledger
Company Consolidations

Service Management
Project Management
Advanced Warehouse Management

Workflow Control
Electronic Commerce

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